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Why an Annual Physical Exam Is Important at Every Stage of Life

As a child, you probably went to the doctor for a yearly check-up. As you grew older, you might have only gone to the doctor when you were sick or had an injury. But no matter whether you’re a kid, an adult, or an old-timer, it’s important to have an annual physical exam. Your annual exam takes your whole health into account to help treat current conditions and prevent any future medical conditions so you can live a longer and healthier life.

At Nexclin Medicine, with two locations in Georgia, we know how important annual physical exams are, so we’re here to explain why, no matter what your stage in life, you should get them. 


Many people fear going to the doctor or don’t think it’s necessary unless they’re feeling bad. But when you stay on top of your health, not only are you healthier, but you’re also more mindful of improving your health. An annual exam is a great way to check in on how you’re doing now and undergo routine tests to ensure everything’s fine.

At Nexclin, our primary care physician Naima Cheema, MD performs annual physicals for all our patients. This kind of exam takes an overall look at your health, focuses on any problems you may be experiencing, and answers any questions you may have about what to do.

What’s involved

During your annual physical, Dr. Cheema gathers a good amount of information by just looking and speaking with you. She talks to you about your medical history and any issues you’ve experienced. During this time, she performs a heart, lung, head, and abdominal exam. 

For males, your annual exam may include a testicular exam or hernia exam. And if you’re a female, she might perform a breast exam and/or a pelvic exam. 

An annual exam is a good time to also:

While a physical exam is important at every stage in life, it’s particularly important for people over the age of 50, as they’re more prone to illness and injury. Understanding how to take care of themselves promotes their overall wellness. 

Prevention is the best method

Did you know that Americans use preventive health measures only half the recommended amount? That’s alarming, as 70% of deaths are caused by chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. These conditions are preventable and can be found through regular screenings.

Your annual physical can help identify problems before they turn into health problems, and it’s a good time to take control of your health by learning which preventive measures will help you maintain good health.

Reduce your anxiety

Most of us have a degree of anxiety when going to the doctor. It might be because you’ve had a negative experience before or simply just think you won’t be heard. 

Set yourself up to have the least amount of anxiety for your physical by practicing these tips:

  1. Schedule your appointment at a good time to eliminate schedule conflicts
  2. Take deep, regular breaths
  3. Bring a family member or friend
  4. Write down questions you want to ask
  5. Tell your doctor about your anxiety
  6. Have your vitals taken at the end, when you’re calmer

Annual physical exams not only help you stay on top of your physical health, but they also help ease your mind and reduce your anxiety. Call 770-558-2873 to schedule your annual physical today, or book online.

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