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Non Surgical Nex Eyelift


Non Surgical Nex Eyelift

Roswell and Alpharetta aesthetics expert doctor, Naima Cheema MD, offers revolutionary non surgical Nex Eye Lift, her signature procedure to eliminate the signs of aging, resulting in a youthful natural look.


How does aging affect the eyes?

Eyes are the windows of the soul. With aging comes drooping of eyelids, dark circles under the eyes, loss of volume in temples and crow’s feet. This results in the tired and sad appearance of eyes and face.


What is Nex Eyelift?

Nex eyelift is a revolutionary procedure for the non surgical correction of the tired looking eyes. Dr. Naima Cheema uses a combination of products to lift the brows, correct the crow’s feet, and fill the tear trough and temples. The result is a naturally youthful look. Our Asian patients utilize this procedure to soften excessive skin folds under the eyes. We commonly combine Nex Eyelift with PRP and our dark circle corrector cosmeceuticals to rejuvenate the skin.


What is the downtime for this procedure?

The unique feature of Nex Eyelift is the natural results with minimal risk of complications. Dr. Naima Cheema uses the flexible, soft, blunt tip cannulas which help reduce the risk of swelling and bruising significantly when compared to sharp needles. However, about five percent of patients may still experience minimal bruising which is usually resolved in four to six days and can be easily covered with makeup.


What should I do prior to the treatment?

Please, avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen or other non steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, St.John’s wort or high dose vitamin E one week prior to injections. If you have an active herpes infection or bacterial infection at the site of injection, we will ask you to delay the treatment until the infection has completely resolved. In patients with a pre-existing history of Herpes Simplex infections, we suggest starting your anti-viral medication two days before the treatment to avoid any outbreaks.

Please, feel free to ask any questions you may have during your consultation. Please, call 770-558-2873 for your next consultation and Nex Eyelift treatment with Dr. Naima Cheema


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