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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies


Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies


Alpharetta and Roswell Bioidentical Hormone specialist doctor, Naima Cheema MD, offers Bioidentical hormone therapies, a well-proven way to get your energy and vitality back. Bioidentical Hormones are molecule by molecule identical to body’s natural hormones. Therefore, Bioidentical hormones do not cause the side effects that are seen with synthetic hormones. Dr. Naima Cheema’s approach is to find the root cause of the problem and correct it, rather than treating the symptoms only. At Nexclin Medicine, we offer salivary hormone testing to check hormones at the tissue level. We also look at the different causes of low hormones including stress, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, insulin resistance, and GI dysfunction. Bioidentical hormone therapies are tailored to each individual based on his/her needs.


Hormones are potent chemical messengers that are secreted directly into the blood. The blood carries hormones to tissues where these hormones bind to the cells and trigger a set of cellular responses. Some of the hormones are:

  • Male and Female sex hormones - lower levels result in aging, fatigue, mental fogginess, and sexual dysfunction 

  • Thyroid hormone - lower levels result in decreased energy, excessive sleep, weight gain, slow metabolism, and depression

  • Adrenal hormones, cortisol, and DHEAS - levels are directly affected by the intensity and duration of stress

  • Growth hormone - lower levels result in loss of lean muscle mass

  • Other hormones like Insulin, leptin, and glucagon - associated with weight gain, insulin resistance, and diabetes. These hormones act by affecting the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

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