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What Is NAD and What Can it Do for You?

What Is NAD and What Can it Do for You?

Discover the secret behind the anti-aging molecule NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). This extraordinary coenzyme, found in every living cell, holds the key to unlocking numerous health benefits and extending your lifespan. 

Here, board-certified physician Dr. Naima Cheema at Nexcline Medicine delves deeper into the world of NAD, exploring its crucial roles in maintaining the body and brain's vitality, particularly as you age. She also explains how IV NAD+ supplementation could potentially revolutionize your overall well-being

Introducing NAD+

NAD+ is nothing new — scientists have been studying it since the early 1900s, but we’re just now discovering some of its amazing benefits. 

Imagine nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide as a superhero with two alter egos — one ready for action (NAD+) and the other waiting in the wings (NADH). This dynamic molecule keeps your organs healthy and your neurological systems thriving.

Scientists and doctors are uncovering the game-changing potential of NAD+, often called a "helper molecule" that turbocharges enzymes to kickstart essential molecular reactions. For instance, proteins called “sirtuins” rely on the coenzyme NAD+ to carry out vital biological functions within your body. The quest for enhancing human health has found a new frontier in NAD+ and its extraordinary capabilities.

Here are some of the other vital functions NAD+ makes possible:

In short, you need NAD+ to live. Unfortunately, as you age, you make less of this essential coenzyme and start feeling and seeing the effects. So, how do you amp up your NAD supply? We’re glad you asked.

Introducing NAD+ IV infusion therapy

IV therapy is a way to get vitamin and mineral supplements into your body more efficiently than through oral pills. In this case, we infuse NAD+ into your system so it can get to work immediately. 

IV NAD+ therapy treats your body to an invigorating cocktail of vitamins and supplements via intravenous infusions. These custom-formulated solutions enhance your health and leave you feeling revitalized.

The NAD+ IV drip is the most effective way to supercharge your cells with 100% bioavailable coenzymes. While oral NAD supplements are an option, their results are less impressive due to limited absorption. IV NAD+ therapy, on the other hand, is efficiently absorbed and safe, ensuring molecular conversion and an optimal coenzyme boost.

What NAD+ IV therapy can do for you

Our patients experience a long list of benefits from NAD+ IV therapy.

NAD and your brain

One of the most exciting benefits is a boost in brain function. NAD+ IV therapy can improve your mental sharpness, a function that often fades with aging. An effortless NAD+ IV infusion can invigorate your brain's nerve cell function, promoting cell regeneration and protection. Consequently, you'll enjoy heightened mental clarity, improved concentration, and fortified memory, opening doors to a more vibrant life. It may even aid treatments for depressionanxiety, and other mood disorders.

NAD and metabolism

Are you constantly battling exhaustion, or perhaps just feeling the weight of the years? NAD+ may be the ideal solution to rejuvenate your energy levels and add some zest to your life. Our intravenous infusion of coenzymes delivers energy right where it matters, at the cellular level. 

But NAD+ isn't just your secret energy weapon; it's also a key player in promoting a robust metabolism. With the help of NAD+, you can tackle weight management and blood sugar concerns more effectively. 

NAD and your body

You can’t stop time from marching on, but you can control how your body responds. With NAD IV therapy, you can reap multiple physical and mental benefits, such as:

Your brain and your body improve with more NAD in your system, and it may help you battle chronic diseases like:

If you’re ready to give yourself an advantage against aging and disease, contact us at Nexclin Medicine in Roswell, Alpharetta, and Milton, Georgia, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cheema and find out if NAD+ IV therapy is right for you. 

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