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Revitalize Your Intimate Wellness: Exploring the Benefits of PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation

Revitalize Your Intimate Wellness: Exploring the Benefits of PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation

It’s not a comfortable conversation, but the symptoms of an aging vagina are even more uncomfortable. If you’ve noticed changes down there, such as dryness, painful sex, looseness, wrinkles, skin laxity, and low libido, let’s talk.

Dr. Naima CheemaDr. Hina Abid, and our Nexclin Medicine team specialize in intimate wellness, and we know it can be a sensitive subject. But once you realize it’s a common problem that’s easily fixed, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to talk with us about it. 

We offer a revolutionary treatment that draws upon the powerful components in your blood to restore the delicate tissues in your vagina. Here’s how it works. 

What happened to my vagina?

Like the skin on your face and hands, your vaginal skin loses precious collagen and elastin as you age. The deeper layers dehydrate and lose volume, and the outer layers shrivel and wrinkle. Gravity also plays a role, tugging downward and creating sags and folds that make your genitals look old.

You may also notice that you have decreased sensitivity, which means sex holds less pleasure than it once did. For some women, the changes increase sensitivity and make sex painful. Loose vaginal tissues further contribute to sexual dissatisfaction for you and your partner. 

How PRP affects your vaginal tissues

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) vaginal rejuvenation starts with a blood sample from your arm. We process it in a centrifuge to separate the individual components and extract only the liquid plasma and platelets. 

We inject the concentrated serum into your aging vaginal tissues, and here’s what happens:

Over time, the rejuvenation process produces ongoing results, repairing damaged and degenerated tissues.

Your vagina after PRP rejuvenation

You may not recognize your vagina after PRP rejuvenation because the results can be surprisingly dramatic. Although the final effects differ from woman to woman, most of our patients see and feel a marked difference, including these benefits:

Another PRP vaginal rejuvenation perk is that it doesn’t use hormones, so if you want to avoid hormone replacement therapy or can’t use it, this treatment is an ideal alternative. 

Finally, you can rest assured that PRP vaginal rejuvenation works. Numerous studies have proven its effectiveness in treating vaginal laxity and atrophy.

Learn more about this safe and effective vaginal rejuvenation treatment — contact us in Roswell, Georgia, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cheema or Dr. Abid. 

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