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5 Practical Ways to Manage Your Weight in the New Year

5 Practical Ways to Manage Your Weight in the New Year

Do you struggle with your weight? About 36% of Americans are obese, and 32% are overweight, so you’re not alone. Our board-certified physicians with Nexclin Medicine offer weight loss treatment and weight management support. 

Our low carb weight loss plan reduces the amount of processed foods in your diet that have no nutritional value. We replace those with whole foods and healthy fiber that help you feel full, and fruit that calms your cravings for sweets. In addition, we offer medication and nutritional supplements that help you burn the extra fat. You’ll see real changes in your body shape within a few weeks using our plan.

Weight loss doesn’t happen magically; it involves behavior change. Following are five ways to manage your weight as the holidays and the new year approach. 

1. Make a food plan and stick to it 

Without a plan, there are no planned results. Planning your food needs in advance helps you manage your weight. Tape a comprehensive list of foods with the number of grams of carbohydrates in them to the inside of your kitchen pantry door. Before going to the store, pick out and list foods you like that have low carb counts. That way, you’re less likely to get caught without any healthy snacks in the house and end up gorging on processed food with little nutritional benefit. 

Check your refrigerator and kitchen shelves before you go to the store or order food online. When you do go to the store, stick mainly to the perimeter instead of the aisles filled with chips and cookies. 

Plan for the days you won’t have time to cook dinner. Do you have a nutritious frozen meal ready to microwave along with fresh vegetables you can munch on with a low-fat dip? 

2. Highlight your motivations for managing your weight

If you’re overweight and it’s hard to have enough energy to play with your children or grandchildren, make sure you have photos in a prominent place of you playing with them as reminders to help keep your weight in check. Perhaps your motivation came from a talk with your doctor about your latest blood test; put the numbers on the fridge. Bottom line: figure out your motivations and put evidence of them in a place you look at every day. 

3. Follow an exercise plan 

If you love sports, you’re ahead of the game in managing your weight. If you generally aren’t motivated to exercise, what kind of movement do you like: dancing, walking? Have you tried pickleball? It’s popular, fun to do, and doesn’t require the same level of skill as tennis. 

Look at your weekly schedule and write in the times you’re going to exercise. Do you belong to a gym? Mark your calendar for the dates and times during the week when you’ll go. If you like working out with others, find a gym class that makes sense for you. 

If you don’t belong to a gym, have a private dance party with music you love. Take a walk in the neighborhood. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, if not more. 

4. Enlist a support partner 

Having support to help manage your weight is another key to success. Ask a friend to be a support and accountability partner. Perhaps your partner is a friend who takes walks with you. In weak moments, call your partner for support and distract yourself with an activity. 

If you belong to a gym, ask a gym member to be an exercise buddy. Text each other before going to help motivate you to get there.

5. Prepare yourself for when you’re outside of your house

When you leave the house, take a reusable water bottle filled with water or your favorite low- or zero-calorie beverage. Stay hydrated. Take a small, insulated pack if you’re going to be out all day. Fill it with healthy, low carbohydrate, unprocessed snacks. Take it with you to outdoor festivals and fairs, too, so you won’t be tempted to buy cakes or cookies there.

To get started on your weight loss journey, call Nexclin Medicine, or request an appointment through our online portal. We’re your partner in weight loss and weight management. 

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